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Pudina Chataka 200g

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Imli Chataka 200g

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Desi Chataka Combo

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Pudina Chataka 450g

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Imli Chataka 480g

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Imli Sonth Chataka 480g

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Chocolate Syrup

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Caramel Syrup

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Opera Combo

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The salt and black pepper flavour is the perfect nibble for anyone who loves salty food. The taste of salt and black pepper will definitely come through and be a hit at any party. The taste of olive oil with the enjoyable crunchy texture makes a mouthwatering combination.

Fiery Sriracha chips have the unique sriracha flavour of Thailand. A delicious recipe is used to combine Thai red chillies, vinegar, garlic and salt. This creates a flavour that is spicy and tangy. It will surely transport you to the beautiful country of Thailand.

Wherever celebrations and good times happen, the Opera Spicy Barbeque flavoured chips will be the one to steal the show. This range of chips is rich in spice and is slathered in delicious barbeque flavour.

When the delicious creaminess of cheese meets the spicy combination of Mexican jalapenos, magic is created. The cheesy jalapeno flavour of Opera chips will melt in the mouth. For all the cheese lovers out there, it’s a blessing disguised as chips.