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Desi Chataka Combo

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Pudina Chataka 200g

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Imli Chataka 480g

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Imli Chataka 200g

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Imli Sonth Chataka 480g

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Pudina Chataka 450g

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Honey Mustard Sauce 460g

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It’s mustardy, tangy, sweet and silky. It makes any sandwich or salad it touches taste like heaven on a plate.


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The Harissa dressing is a spicy hot addition to Cremica's salad dressing range. Put together your favourite veggies and greens in a bowl and add the fiery dressing for a unique flavour and subtle heat to warm you to your toes. If you love spicy food, then Harissa dressing is for you! This spicy dressing sauce compliments everything from salads to potatoes and sandwiches. It can also be relished as a dipping sauce for fries, wraps and more.